16th & 17th September, 2020

Photo credit: [**Sean Goebel**](https://www.sgphotos.com)

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The KAPA Annual Science Meeting (KASM) is a place for the extended science teams for the KAPA science surveys to gather, catch up on KAPA progress, provide feedback on KAPA hardware and tools, prepare their survey strategies, and advance their science cases. This year, KASM will focus on the following topics:

  1. KAPA hardware: New laser deployed, new RTC in prep, TRICK.
  2. KAPA software: PSF-R tests on-sky, performance predictions, OSIRIS DRP, and simulations. Development and observing plans for next year.
  3. KAPA legacy science cases: Test needed observing modes, test PSF-R, prepare simulations for proposals, sample selection.
  4. KAPA hackathon: Work on visualizations, simulations, website, and science tools.

Due to the current circumstances, KASM will be held via Zoom. Meeting links are available from the agenda.