As shown below, KAPA improves the Strehl ratio and sky coverage over the current AO system from the addition of laser tomography (including a new laser and real-time controller) and near-infrared tip-tilt sensing.

K-band Strehl ratio versus sky-coverage estimates for a galactic latitude of 60° longitude of 90° and ZA=30° using STRAP or TRICK in H or K band. Limiting magnitude set to mH=17.
Strehl-ratio map in H-band for median seeing conditions. PSFs evaluated on a 20″x20″ grid, every 2″ apart. 5000 iterations used at 300 Hz frame rate.
FWHM in mas and in units of the diffraction limit in H band.
Ensquared-energy curves. Thick black curve is for the central star whereas thick red is the corner star.