6th September, 2023

Photo credit: [**Sean Goebel**](https://www.sgphotos.com)



The KAPA Annual Science Meeting (KASM) is a place for the extended science teams for the KAPA science surveys to gather, catch up on KAPA progress, provide feedback on KAPA hardware and tools, prepare their survey strategies, and advance their science cases.

This meeting will take place on September 6th, one day before the start of the 2023 Keck Science Meeting Meeting (KSM). The event will be held in-person at UC Berkeley and will be an IN PERSON meeting only. In-person attendees will need to be vaccinated, as per the UC Berkeley vaccine mandate.

For information on travel and lodging logistics, please refer to the KSM travel page here. KASM 2023 will be held at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club.

KAPA and KASM are supported by the NSF and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. There are funds available to support early career researchers and KAPA science team members to travel to KASM. If you need travel support, please indicate so on the registration form, or contact the organizers.